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When: April 30th

Where: Threefold Auditorium

Cost: Donations will gladly be accepted at the door but there is no fee to attend!

Dr. Philip Incao has been studying children’s health, the immune system, infections and vaccinations since 1970, and has given many lectures and written several articles on these topics. His special interest is learning how to apply to practical healing Rudolf Steiner’s invaluable and profound insights into the human being. Dr. Incao studied liberal arts and life sciences at Wesleyan University, and then received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1966. He studied Anthroposophy and Anthroposophic Medicine in Forest Row, England and Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Dr. Incao was the first president of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) in the US. He teaches in training programs for anthroposophic physicians and training programs for Waldorf teachers. Dr. Philip Incao was one of the first few practitioners of Anthroposophic Medicine in the U.S., and had a busy family practice in upstate New York in a Waldorf school-and biodynamic farming community for 23 years, until 1996. He then moved to Denver to help the growth of anthroposophic medicine in the west. He founded and practiced at the Gilpin Street Holistic Center in Denver until August 2006, when he moved to Crestone, Colorado where he continues to practice part-time in his home.