Special Events

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Dr. Lakshmi Prasana was trained and worked as a pediatrician and neonatologist for many years in South India. She became the medical director of the hospital she worked in and opened South India's first NICU. She went on to open her own children's hospital, which was well-known for its success at saving high risk babies.  In a pivotal moment, she met a child on the Autism spectrum who opened her eyes  (actually he threw her glasses out the window!)

The ‘autism challenge’, helping these children and families became her passion and led her on a path of research. There were some early successes. With a batch of children and keen parents, a school and therapy centre was born –  Saandeepani Centre for Healing and Curative Education. Here Rudolf Steiner’s indications on education were combined with a nutritional and sensory based medical approach. Lakshmi is now in high demand as a speaker and consultant, teaching parents and educators around the world.

Michael Kokinos is a physiotherapist and craniosacral therapist. He is founder and director of Blue Sky Therapies, a physiotherapy clinic in Australia.  In addition to his work with physical ailments and illness, Michael, along with Lakshmi Prasana, has opened Blue Sky Children's Services, helping schools in Australia implement an innovative health promotion model in its schools, supporting a new, holistic approach to working with, and educating, children with autism or other challenges. Over the last 10 years Blue Sky Therapies has funded independent Autism Research.
This includes individual therapeutic work , training and consulting for schools and therapy centres  for children with special needs. Many of these organisations are founded on Rudolf Steiner's therapeutic and pedagogical philosophy. 


A fun-filled family event, with music, games, food from a local chef, vendors, an auction, crafts, and more, to raise funds for the operation and expansion of our outdoor education programs. CLICK HERE to find out more about this event and how you can join the fun to help make it a huge success!