Support will fund the use of interim space needed for the diverse program until a permanent home can be built.


Students will be supervised in the growing and preparation of food. For those 21+ young adults, who live in homes adjacent to the school, staffing is 24/7.


To support the growing need for trained professionals to work with participants in the community-based vocational setting.


The purchase of new computers and software for specialized programming to support students in their learning through technology.


For continuing repair and care of greenhouses; enhancing and enriching the participants’ experience of working the earth and growing vegetables and herbs which are sold to support the program.


Your support will ensure the growing administrative needs associated with Endeavor21+ program will be promptly and professionally addressed.


The support of the following therapies will help us better serve the Young Adults in our program:

  •  Adaptive PE /Therapeutic Movement 

  •  Eurhythmy Therapy

  • Occupational /Sensory Therapy