Early Childhood Program

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program Offerings: 

A half-day or full-day Early Childhood program. The Otto Specht School early childhood program is designed to meet the individual needs of students ages 5-7, prior to their entrance into grade school. We provide an environment that is beautiful, warm, and safe, and a daily rhythm that is predictable and nourishing. We meet children where they are developmentally and work to build the physical, emotional, social, and pre-academic capacities of young children.

Facilitated integration into small group activities with our younger grades as well as Green Meadow kindergarteners, helps our children build their social capacities, while more individualized attention throughout the day addresses any underlying needs that may make a traditional classroom settings challenging for our students.

Daily activities may include:

  • singing
  • crafts
  • caring for chickens and gathering eggs
  • gardening
  • stories
  • games