Otto Specht School Governance

The Otto Specht School has three governing bodies that work in distinct areas of governance but whose collaborative efforts provide for the well-being of the whole school. 

the advisory board

The Otto Specht School Advisory Board is a dedicated group of committed individuals who feel strongly about the unique mission of our school. Trustees support the work done by Otto Specht's remarkable teachers and administrators in numerous ways, including:

  • contributing to our annual fund and capital campaign

  • serving on standing committees

  • lending their expertise and professional knowledge to many aspects of the school's operations

"We firmly believe that there is no other educational program comparable to Otto Specht for serving the needs of our students, both in and out of the classroom."

Mary Holland, Board President

the Faculty

The faculty works tirelessly on behalf of the students to create an educational environment that facilitates health and success for our unique students. In addition to the daily task of implementing the educational programming, the faculty works collaboratively with the administrative team in the following areas:

  • student admissions

  • curriculum development and therapeutic programming

  • setting and actualizing pedagogical goals to achieve our mission

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom."

Rudolf Steiner

the Administration

The administrative team works to support the school's operations through building an administrative foundation that maintains health and transparency in the school's inner workings and ensures the success and sustainability of our programs. Administration is responsible for implementing all policies and procedures related to:

  • student admissions

  • enrollment

  • human resources

  • employment policies

Board members

Mary Holland, President

Jessica Ziegler, Secretary

Eric S. Maskin, PhD

Charles Rose, FAIA

Gerald Karnow, MD

Michael Sweeney

Sophia Pisano

Anya Kutsina

Bluma Acocella, Ex Officio - Faculty Representative

Jeanette Rodriguez, Ex Officio - Program Director OSS

Claus Sproll, Ex Officio - Business Director, OSS

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faculty members

Bluma Acocella 

Susan Angst

Kinchasa Bellamy 

Jose Romero-Bosch

Dave Buckner 

Suzana Caro 

Marissa Chin

Galilee Damaio

Elizabeth Harriman 

Paige Hartsell 

Maike Haupt 

Klara Pataky-Irimina


Bill Kelly

Sam Leopold  

Dr. Gerald Karnow 

Elsa Macauley

Mayuko Matsuda

Alex Schulmann

Daphna Stern 

Shiri Reuveni – Ullrich

Madeleine Wuergler 



Jeanette Rodriguez, Program Director

Claus Sproll, Business Director

Chela Crane, Assistant Director

Madeleine Wuergler, Administrative Assistant