Waldorf 100

2019 will mark the 100th anniversary of the world's first Waldorf School. With over 1,100 Waldorf Schools (1,700 Waldorf kindergartens) in 70 countries around the world and more being established every year, Waldorf Education has become a well established educational movement, transcending cultural and political boundaries. Waldorf 100 is a worldwide effort to unite schools, alumni, parents, and teachers to celebrate the first 100 years of Waldorf Education and to consider Waldorf Education in context of the needs and challenges the next century will bring. Heading towards this Centennial celebration, there are a number of projects that schools around the globe are participating in. At Otto Specht School, we are thrilled to have the chance for our small school to connect with so many others all over the world!


See the film

A beautiful film showing the living art of Waldorf Education around the world and interviews with educators working with Steiner/Waldorf pedagogy.


taking part at oss

At Otto Specht School, students are busy writing and drawing postcards to other Waldorf Schools around the world, one of the Waldorf 100 projects.